UTSATT: Krill Music Showcase: Stanislav Tolkachev

Østre informerer:

Dette arrangementet er utsatt. Dette gjør vi med bakgrunn i Bergen kommune og FHIs vedtak og restriksjoner for å forhindre smittespredning av Korona-viruset. Vi velger å utsette arrangementene for å sikre at både arrangører og publikum får en best mulig kulturopplevelse. Ny dato publiseres snarlig.

Tekst fra arrangør:

Krill Music Showcase at Østre Bergen.

Main Floor.

Stanislav Tolkachev (Hybrid Set) ????????

Stanislav Tolkachev is a techno pioneer from Ukraine. His productions are influenced both by the classic sound of Detroit and the sleek minimalistic tendencies born in Berlin. He is focused on experimentation with textures and psychedelic sounds, taking inspiration from many diverse sources. Tolkachev’s music has been released on many labels, including Semantica, MORD and Krill Music.


Espen Lauritzen (DJ Set) ???????? ????????

As the founder of Krill Music, Espen Lauritzen has wasted no time in brandishing his driving style of techno. Though coined from Espen’s new residence in Kyiv, Ukraine, the label’s importance for the history of the South American dance-music scene can be seen as objectively invaluable - its foothold dating back to 2011 . Lauritzen and his label have risen through the ranks, maintaining a solid position of notoriety in contemporary techno.


Christian Tilt (Live Set) ????????

Christian Tilt numbers as a part of something akin to a community in Norway that is spear-heading the new charge in Techno, one that’s been paved by Thomas Urv’s Ploink label and event series. Something of a trend running concurrently with a renewed interest in Techno internationally, Ploink has been forging a path towards the future of this music in the region with a community born out of isolation. Chritian Tilt makes up a new wave of Techno artists in the region, he is also one of its originators, with Tilt established back in the late nineties, and conspiring over the course of sixteen years to become a formidable artistic force in the region. 2020 will also be the year Tilt starts up his own label, Dynamic Range Records.



Brute Lee (DJ Set)

DJ, producer and promoter from Bergen, Norway. Known for club nights such as Klubb Intim and Klubb Karma. The latter has recently resurfaced as a weekly radio show, featuring local, upcuming and more established artists in the field of dance music. Brute Lee got his turntables in '00, and his moniker soon after. Brute has spent two decades perfecting his trade, playing countless gigs at club, festivals and raves over the ages. Back in ´06 he got his first radio show "MiniMax", at the local pirate radio Skranglebass, and collaborating with Christian Tilt later produced "Klubb Intim", a award-winning Bergen club night.


Richard Blanco (DJ Set)

With almost 5 years in Bergen under his belt, Blanco has become a well-known name in the Bergen club scene, both over and underground. His skills as a selector and mixer are an obvious result of hard work, dedication, and love for the music that gets people moving. Blanco is a house and techno DJ who is allways creating an all round pummelling vibes for the perfect club night experience

Henrik Svanevik (DJ Set)

Henrik Svanevik has been bouncing around the local club and music scene like a genre blind pinball for the last two decades. He´s been a buyer, seller and a player of records, and has played most of the local venues at some point, with some style of music. But one thing he hasn’t done enough, is techno. He might sneak in some other stuff as well, and he gets confused with all the sub genres out there, so his plan is simply to play some good techno this evening. That’s it.

VJ: We Are Worms

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By: Ekko